Atomic Museum Partnership

The Atomic Museum, a Smithsonian affiliate, has partnered with Learn With Socrates to bring their museum home to kids everywhere.

Atomic History Content

The Learn with Socrates Atomic History content includes videos, questions, and collectible cards designed to teach kids the science, history, and pop culture of Atomic History.

Learn and Visit

Master the content online and visit the Atomic Museum when in Las Vegas to learn more and experience this important part of history.

Continue your learning experience in the classroom or at home. The Atomic History content includes:

Educational videos about topics from the museum such:

  • Atoms
  • Historical figures
  • Historical events
  • Effects of radiation
  • Protecting the environment
  • Testing in Nevada
  • Atomic history pop culture
  • And more!!

Bonus Content

  • Math, English Language Art, Science, Sight Words, Spelling, Math Fact, Financial Literacy and more are all included!
  • Fun games and rewards – Learn to earn coins to spend on fun games and rewards or save it in the bank to earn interest.
  • Collectible cards based on museum content with fun facts. Try to collect them all!

Learn at Home

  • Nearly 1000 questions organized into dozens of topics to guide the student through a personalized learning journey.
  • Personalized learning – Automatically adjusts to each student’s learning speed.
  • Classroom Command Center – Teachers can setup students, assign homework, monitor progress and more!

What teachers say about Learn with Socrates?


“One of the biggest reasons we homeschool is because nobody knows or loves our children more than we do. Because we know them so well, we understand that each one is in a different place in their education. What makes Socrates so unique and effective is it recognizes the individuality of each student and tailors their course of instruction to where they are at, in that moment.”

Jennifer Flynn

Homeschool Teacher



“As an administrator we are always looking for resources that make the job easier for our teachers and engage our students in their learning.  Socrates is a great tool that our staff, students and parents love.  As an administrator I can see the growth and provide direct feedback to students and staff”


Gregory Winiewicz

Assistant Principal



“Socrates is precisely what both my students and I needed to ensure a successful progression and I can focus more on individualized learning strategies.  Students can advance at a much faster rate than when they are learning in traditional small/large groups.  I can see exactly what they have learned, retained, and where additional assistance is needed.”


Deborah Amato




“Great teaching tools. Overall I think it’s a great tool and can really enhance teaching!. I liked Socrates because it’s easy to use and you can send out a quiz in real time to students. It’s all electronic so no paper waste.”


Elaina G.




“ KIDS LOVE IT! My overall experience has been good. I feel that it has been a good review program in math and language arts for the kids. I love that I can monitor their progress and reassign skills that they need to work on. What I like most about this software is that the kids love going on it. The kids are learning math and language arts but then get rewarded with games, cards, etc. It is a win, win situation.”


Cindy P.




“ Socrates has been easy to use and our personal service has been great! High interest level for my students. They love the games. All students are able to use it independently.”


Kristi R.


What parents are saying about Learn with Socrates?

What kids say about Learn with Socrates?


“It’s really fun and easy, very cool. I rate this 5 stars!”

Age 10


“Socrates is better than Nintendo.”

Age 8


“Socrates is great and it is so much fun to learn this way. I wish I could play this all day!”

Age 12


“It’s really fun to answer questions and get a break to spend tokens and play games.”

Age 6


“The games are awesome because help us remember what we did in the past.”

Age 7


“Socrates is so creative and clever and a great way to keep kids interested in learning.”

Age 11


“Socrates is fun! My favorite game is pizza party.”

Age 7


“It’s really easy to use. Right away you know where the games are. It’s really fun and the games are awesome.
I’m rating it 5 stars!!!”

Age 8

Mastery through Personalized Learning

Fifteen minutes a day can increase standardized test scores by 34%.


In 2018, the National Science Foundation awarded Learn with Socrates a  Small Business Innovation Research grant, awarded for its innovative technology and potential positive impact to society.

Learn with Socrates has been recognized as a top 10 application for learning from home by Tech and Learning Magazine.

Fast Company magazine honored Learn with Socrates as a “World Changing Idea” in 2019.  Fast Company’s World Changing Ideas Awards honor products, concepts, companies, policies, and designs that are pursuing innovation for the good of society and the planet.


Socrates Learning Platform was named Best AI-Enhanced Child Tutoring Platform 2019 from CV Magazine.

Learn with Socrates wins i-Learn award for third year in a row.


20,000,000+ Questions Answered


2,000+ Common Core Aligned Topics


Real-time Assessment Tool

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