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Get started with Socrates

Welcome to Socrates! Socrates is an online learning platform that brings the power of artificial intelligence to students at home and in the classroom. Socrates automatically adjusts learning for each child. Socrates finds the gaps in each child’s knowledge and identifies what areas need more focus and attention. Socrates uses a research-based curriculum for standards mastery to deliver results. Students that
use Socrates have demonstrated improved test scores of 18-34%!

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This is a video overview that will tell you all about what Socrates is all about.


The first thing you’ll need to know to get started with Socrates is where to login. Teachers, students and parents login at the link below with the user and password that you have. If you do not have one, you can choose to create an account first.

Students will need a parent or teacher to sign up and reset their password from parent account or teacher account.

Add New And Existing Student Accounts

Student accounts in Socrates are lifetime learning records. Student data is maintained year to year, school to school, and even at home. Students can be added to multiple classrooms and multiple command centers.

If a student is a first time user they will be added using the Create New student button. If a student had an account anywhere or anytime with Socrates they can be added using the existing student button.

Student usernames are created using the following formula automatically in Socrates:

First Initial+Last Intial+Student Number

Example: James Franko (11114444) would have the username JF11114444

Print Student Login Labels

Now that you’ve created your student accounts it’s time to get your students logged in. You can easily distribute your students’ login information by using the Print Student Login Labels function on the My Students > Manage page (this is the default page when you login to the command center.

Remember – Students login at

Student 10 Challenges

Students that are logging into Socrates for the first time will have a series of 10 challenges presented to them. The 10 challenges guide students on their first steps in Socrates. Students will answer questions, play a fun game, and learn how to spend their tickets and tokens as rewards for answering questions correctly!

The 10 challenges will be presented to the student until they are completed. If a student does not want to perform the 10 challenges they have the option to Skip Tutorial.

Assign Topics – Homework and Free Practice

The Socrates Artificial Intelligence is smart. Like, really smart. The AI actively engages students constantly to find learning gaps and present just the right questions for each student. There’s no effor required by teachers to let students use Socrates to start learning.

Even though the Socrates AI is pretty great, teachers will always know what’s best for each student. Socrates has Thousdands of educational topics that you can easily assign to students through the Teacher Command Center. Go ahead and check out all of the topics available!