Getting Started with Socrates
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About Socrates

Socrates is a Las Vegas based online learning platform.  We know that many parents are looking for ways to motivate their children to continue learning while schools are closed.  We have partnered with the Nevada State Library, Archives, and Public Records to make our solution free to all library patrons in Nevada while schools are closed.

The Socrates Learning Platform is an award-winning learning platform created in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Socrates uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning for each student, adjusting in real-time to their needs across over 2000 detailed topics of knowledge. Socrates makes learning fun through 18 gamification elements, encouraging children to learn and progress more. It also includes hundreds of learning videos aligned to standards.

Currently Socrates provides over 2 million questions in Math, English Language Arts, Sight Words, and Science for grades K-6, as well as Math through grade 8. Socrates includes a powerful educator command center that allows teachers or tutors to view where students need help, assign homework, print worksheets, test and benchmark, group students, and more.

How to Sign Up

  1. Visit
  2. Choose “Create an account”
  3. Enter the activation code provided by your library district.

HINT:  You can re-use the activation code – feel free to create one account for each child in your household

Start Learning!

Your child is ready to start learning!  While the questions may seem too easy or too hard at first, Socrates gets to know your child and will adjust the content to their level – constantly challenging them but not overwhelming them.   

Click the button below to download our Getting Started guide for parents:

Watch our parent overview video to learn about all the tools available to parents in Socrates that you can use to help your kids.

Have questions?  Email [email protected] or use our online chat service available from any page at

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