Classroom – Gold

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Classroom – Gold includes:

  1. Math
  2. English Language Arts
  3. Financial Literacy
  4. Health and Safety
  5. Sight Words
  6. Physical Science
  7. Up to 40 students
  8. Teacher Command Center

The Teacher Command Center allows teachers to:

  • Add, Move and Remove students
  • Manage passwords and student settings
  • Control the learning languages
  • Assistant – See where individual students, groups, and the classroom as a whole need help.  Dynamic grouping creates groups based on areas of need
  • Assign – Search for any topic through our subject tree or search by common core or local standards.  Assign homework, practice with students live, watch tutorial videos, print worksheets, and more
  • Testing and Bench marking – Test your students on any standard and see test results in real-time.  Automatic grading saves time.  View questions missed by student or all students who missed a question to help prepare students for standardized testing
  • Progress – View reports showing progress for each student across thousands of topics.  See summary or detailed data of questions missed, engagement level, and more.  View individual student reports, classroom reports, and school summaries (for administrators) with drill-down capabilities.
  • Settings – Control the level of game play, turn off games or other features, and other options to control your student’s experience
  • Support – Live chat help for instant support from Socrates experts whenever you need it
  • Learn – Watch tutorial videos for any part of the command center
  • Lifetime Learning Record – Move students between classrooms without changing or resetting their learning journey.  Allow students to play and learn over the summer and continue that journey from year-to-year as they change grades and even as they change schools



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