Socrates Homeschool Edition (up to 5 kids)

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Socrates Homeschool Edition


Socrates Homeschool Edition includes the following:

  • Academic Content
    • Math: Counting, Number Sense, Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Measurement, Time, Money, Fractions & Decimals, Expressions & Equations, Geometry, Ratios & Proportional Relationships, Integers, and Algebra are just some of the hundreds of topics. (Bonus:  All math content is available in Spanish!)
    • English Language Arts (ELA): Phonics, Phonological Awareness, Word Recognition, Sight Words, Vocabulary Acquisition & Use, Print Concepts, Knowledge of Language, Conventions
    • Sight Words: Specialized module to practice and master the top 1000 Sight Words
    • Physical Science: All Next-Generation Physical Science standards including video lab experiments to watch and try at home
    • Health and Safety: Disease Protection, Nutrition, Exercise, Social and Emotional Health, and more
    • Over 500 learning videos to enhance your child’s skills
  • Parent Command Center
    • Parents have access to robust reporting of their learner’s progress and areas where they need help
    • View your learner’s Progress Map as they work to achieve mastery in each topic
    • Assign learning topics — or Socrates can choose them for you.
    • Assign homework
    • Assign assessments
    • Watch videos to learn about hundreds of concepts

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