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Socrates Home – Financial Literacy

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Socrates is very excited to announce the Financial Literacy Module for K-8th!

Managing money is an important life skill that is best learned at an early age. Socrates Financial Literacy guides your child from basic skills such as understanding currency to advanced skills like budgeting and entrepreneurship.

Start their journey to financial literacy today:

  • What is Money?

  • Bills and coins

  • Making Change

  • The Value of Coins and Bills

  • Goods and Services

  • Needs and Wants

  • How to Save

  • How much common items cost and how to make change

  • How money is used every day (Credit cards, online shopping, stores)

  • How they can make a difference in the world by giving at any level

  • Philanthropy basics, how to help others by giving money

  • Coming up with a Business Idea

  • Consumer Research

  • Customer Service

  • Savings Plan

  • Resisting Sales Tactics

  • Analyze the costs and benefits of various types of credit.

  • Summarize a borrower’s rights and responsibilities related to credit reports.

  • Summarize major consumer credit laws.

  • Use a career plan to develop personal income potential

  • Explore job and career options.

  • Compare sources of personal income and compensation.

  • Analyze factors that affect net income.

  • Evaluate investment alternatives

  • Demonstrate how to buy and sell investments.

  • Property and liability insurance

  • Health and Auto insurance

  • Setting Goals

  • Use reliable resources when making financial decisions.

  • Summarize major consumer protection laws.

  • Develop a system for keeping and using financial records.

  • Describe how to use different payment methods

What is Socrates? Socrates is a revolutionary learning platform that personalizes the individual learning needs of each student across any piece of educational content!


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