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Two Southern Highlands Families Team Up to Revolutionize Education

by | Oct 19, 2018 | Blog | 0 comments

Two Southern Highlands Families Team Up to Revolutionize Education

by Oct 19, 2018Blog

Educating our children is a priority for every parent. Two Southern Highlands families have joined together to improve the way our children learn combining artificial intelligence, powerful reporting, and video games. Dr. Ralph Thomas and Brian G. Rosenberg, two friends and neighbors in Southern Highlands, joined forces to create their new company, Education Revolution.

Brian Rosenberg and his wife Candy have lived in Southern Highlands Golf Club for the past four years with their three children Alex, Liz, and Kate. Brian most recently led one of the largest IT projects in the history of Nevada at the University Medical Center and is now the Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder of Education Revolution LLC. Candy volunteers her time at the Asia Cultural Center and Stuckey Elementary School and runs an import business, TRG International Trade. Candy is from Thailand, and the Rosenberg’s enjoy hosting dinner parties for everyone to enjoy Candy’s Thai cooking. With three children, the Rosenberg’s are actively involved in Girl Scouts (Candy is the leader), tennis, dance classes, jiu-jitsu, swimming, and piano. Alex, Liz, and Kate enjoy Disney Movies and love to vacation in Disneyland as well. As a family, they celebrate the Chinese New Year with an annual party and with traditional lion dances.

Ralph and D’Amber Thomas have lived in the neighborhood for five years with their son, RJ Thomas. The Thomas family loves to have family dinners at the Clubhouse and watch Big Brother whenever it’s on. Ralph has a Ph.D. in mathematics from Princeton University and UNLV. Now he is the President and Founder of Education Revolution which is the producer of the Socrates Learning Platform.

Their product, Socrates, is a learning platform that connects the home and classroom learning experiences and develops individualized learning paths for each child across thousands of educational categories. Socrates also includes games and a gamification system where students earn and spend tickets and tokens for fun activities. This keeps the child engaged and wanting to play more – the more they play, the more they learn.

Earlier this year Socrates received a grant from the National Science Foundation based on its significant potential benefit to society. Brian and Ralph used the funding to make the product available to schools in Las Vegas. Currently available content includes Math for elementary school, with English launching in a matter of weeks. Science for elementary school and content for middle school students will follow.

They have recently opened an office, hired staff, and got the entire families involved – even their kids. Their children ranging in age from 3-10 are the best focus group for testing and feedback that an education company could ask for.

“Socrates is designed to create individualized learning paths across any number of education categories and deliver essentially any type of content,” states Dr. Ralph Thomas. “Over time we will steadily expand the content available and optimize our learning intelligence to improve educational outcomes for kids in Las Vegas and across the county.”

In just a few months Socrates has been adopted by a dozen schools and twice as many libraries. With over 6,000 active users, Socrates is already making a difference to students in the valley, including right here in Southern Highlands. “Our vision is to give every child an equal opportunity to learn to their maximum potential, regardless of income level,” states Brian G. Rosenberg. “The feedback we have had from schools is amazing and it is exciting to make a difference in the lives of so many kids.”

To learn more about Socrates, contact Brian at or visit the website at





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