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Remember when you were a kid and had to finish 10 pages of homework before you could go outside, hang out with friends, or play video games?

Socrates makes kids learn before they can play.
That’s why we have Learn to Earn.
Your kids are going to have to earn game time by learning, practicing, and mastering their
English, Math, and Science skills.


Level up student learning with friendly competition, high scores, and challenging levels! Your kid earns currency by answering questions. In-game currency can be spent on:

• Customizable avatars
• Card packs
• Game library
• and so much more!



Do you know what a student is expected to know by the end of each grade level?

Celebrate your student’s victories as you track their progress with daily Socrates reports.

Socrates reports show real-time data and transparency into:

  • Current grade
  • Where they’re struggling
  • Where they do well


What Parents Are Saying


Socrates Home Modules or Gold Edition
Starting at $1/mo
  • Access to Socrates
  • Math, Science, ELA, Sight Words, Health, Financial Literacy
  • Gamified Learning

Socrates Home Education Bundle
Starting at $8/mo
  • Access to Socrates
  • K-5 Standards
  • Gamified Learning

Best Deal
Aristotle Assisted Learning
Starting at $5/mo
  • Credential Teacher Assisted
  • Full Access to Socrates
  • Math, Science, ELA, Sight Words, Health,Financial Literacy
  • Gamified Learning

Best Deal
Aristotle Assisted Learning
Starting at $12/mo
limited time offer
  • Credential Teacher Assisted
  • Gamified Learning
  • Parent Command Center

Classroom Edition
Starting at $10/mo
  • up to 40 students
  • Teacher Command Center
  • Thousands of standards with Math, Science, ELA, Sight Words and more
  • Data at your fingertips

School and District Education Packages
Starting at $15/mo
  • Increase test scores
  • Drive education excellence
  • Data at your fingertips

Beyond Standards


We raise the bar for education by thinking outside the box and delivering more than just standards.

Mastery Through Computer Automation

Ten minutes a day can increase test scores by 34%.