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This page contains everything you need to know to get started – for parents, teachers, and students.

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The first thing you’ll need to know to get started with Socrates is where to login. Teachers, students and parents login at the link below with your user name and password.   If you do not have one, you can choose to create an account first.

Kids accounts are created by a parent or teacher.  Once their account is created, the kids are able to login.  If they forget their password, the parent or teacher can reset it.

How to use Socrates for students

Kids use Socrates to practice, play, and grow.  Once a student account is created by a parent or teacher, they are able to login and get started.   Socrates will automatically adjust the content presented to the student based on their capabilities  – choosing what they should practice, unless  an educator has assigned homework.

Student accounts in Socrates are lifetime learning records.  Student data is maintained year to year, school to school, and even at home.  It does not reset as they go up in grades, but rather is a continual learning journey.  A single student can be added to multiple classrooms and multiple command centers if they have many teachers using Socrates.

Socrates makes learning fun!  Parents, teachers and students can watch this video to learn how to use the student platform.

How to use the parent dashboard

Parents can manage their child’s accounts from the parent dashboard. If the student does not remember their password, parents can reset the password for them  On the dashboard, you can also view each child’s progress across thousands of educational topics.  Parents can also manage their subscription and adjust each student’s  plan from the parent dashboard.

Watch the video below how to use the parent dashboard.

How to use the Teacher Command Center

Teachers can create classrooms and create students in their class.  Student can be created individually, or using the excel upload provided.   There are many powerful features for teachers, including:

  • Assign homework remotely on 2000+ topics, automatically graded in real-time.
  • Create groups of students for assignments and reporting.
  • View educational progress for each child and compare the classroom results.
  • Issue virtual certificates to reward progress inside Socrates or in your classroom.
  • Add or remove students and update student passwords (Hint:  When you delete a student from your classroom, they are still in Socrates and can be added to other classrooms.

Watch the video below for more information on the Teacher Command Center.

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