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Our Approach

Solving Education Pitfalls

  • Personalized instruction ensures efficient use of teacher time.
  • Games and rewards motivate & engage students. Brain breaks are stress relieving!
  • Provides screen time while allowing students to practice essential school skills.
  • Communicates student progress to every stakeholder: parent/guardian, student, teacher, school, and district.
  • Standards are broken down into foundational skills that will help students succeed on high stakes tests.

Connecting School and Home

  • Personalized education for any student on multiple educational topics on any device.
  • Delivers clear and comprehensive reporting for teachers and parents so that they can best guide the student towards mastery.
  • Gamification will drive/create/increase the desire to learn.
  • Real-time student records follow the student wherever they are learning.

Raising the Quality of Instruction / Training for Businesses and Entrepreneurs

  • Teach anything to anyone. Train your customer service team or a new F1 race car driver. Socrates moves at the right pace for your audience.
  • Socrates combines the top learning theories and molds them to address the needs of both children and adult learners.
  • Train and onboard employees quickly and efficiently.
  • White glove service includes strategy, marketing, development, and delivery of expertly crafted content.



Learning Theory


Operant Conditoning
Multiple Intelligences


Zone of Proximal Development
Depth of Knowledge