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Socrates releases Health and Safety Module to help kids protect themselves during the pandemic

by | Jul 14, 2020 | Press Releases

July 14, 2020, Las Vegas, Nevada – Today Education Revolution, LLC, the creator of the award-winning Socrates Learning Platform, announced the availability of a new Health and Safety module. This new module helps children develop skills in personal hygiene, disease prevention, nutrition, and exercise. The content also helps them cope with other challenges related to sheltering in place, such as isolation from classmates which can lead to depression. It provides all of this content consistent with health standards for each grade, automatically adjusting for each child.

“Creating a health module has always been on our roadmap,” stated Brian Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer. “However, the pandemic created an immediate need. Students need an online education solution to protect themselves from disease and stay healthy, both physically and mentally. Students at home also need nutrition mastery outlining proper eating and exercise habits. Therefore, we created our new Health and Safety module to help provide that education while kids are learning at home.”

The new module contains amazing visuals, including dozens of educational videos, which cover important skills such as washing your hands, social distancing, exercise, and proper food selection. It also includes the newest collectible card pack, “Healthcare Heroes” featuring the heroes and villains of healthcare. Hero cards honor important healthcare and safety providers, while villain cards teach kids about the dangers of viruses and junk food.

“We are very excited about the Healthcare Heroes card pack,” stated Brian Rosenberg. “It provides an opportunity for us to thank the healthcare workers for all they have done for us during this crisis.”

The new module is available now and will be provided at no additional charge to schools using Socrates as well as to users who subscribe to our Gold or Homeschool editions.

Questions regarding this announcement should be addressed to John Emmons at [email protected].

About the Socrates Learning Platform;

The Socrates Learning Platform created by Education Revolution, LLC in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an award-winning learning platform created in partnership with the National Science Foundation. Socrates uses artificial intelligence to personalize learning for each student, adjusting in real-time to their needs across over 2000 detailed topics of knowledge. Socrates makes learning fun through 18 gamification elements, encouraging children to learn and progress more. Socrates includes hundreds of learning videos aligned to standards.

Currently, Socrates provides over 2 million questions in Math, English Language Arts, Sight Words, and Science for grades K-6, as well as Math through grade 8. Socrates includes a powerful educator command center that allows teachers or tutors to view where students need help, assign homework, print worksheets, test, benchmark, group students, and more.

Socrates is easy to use, requiring no training for teachers or students and runs from any internet-connected device. Socrates is in use in hundreds of schools and homes across the United States and around the world.


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