Socrates is Named For Top Learning Tools When School is Closed from Coronavirus

by | Mar 12, 2020 | Press Releases

Socrates platform supports remote learning when school is closed. “Remote teaching and learning has been on a steady increase in recent years until the coronavirus came along. Now, with its rapid spread, more and more schools are cancelling classes. Consequently, teachers now are turning to technology to deliver instruction to their remote students when school is closed.” – Tech & Learning “Socrates – A new site focused on differentiated instruction through game-based learning that adjusts to the student as they progress.” – Tech & Learning Socrates provides K-8 Math as well as K-5 ELA and Science content as well as Sight Words. Socrates personalizes the learning experience, adjusting in real-time to the needs of each student.   Teachers have a command center that allows them to assign specific topics for kids to practice on-line, as well as off-line through worksheets, and allows them to monitor and assess progress.  It also helps teachers and parents identify where students need help, and groups students for remediation.  It runs on any device without any installation, and we can have a school up and running in one day.  Training isn’t necessary, we have videos for the teachers and the students have tutorials built into the solution.


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