Socrates provides valuable insights | Principal Traci Holloway | Ortwein Elementary School

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I am the principal at Ortwein Elementary School, an Elementary School in Las Vegas, Nevada. Ortwein is a K-5 elementary school with 700 students and 30 teachers. Our school has purchased the program Socrates as a supplemental program to engage learners for the past two years. We started using Socrates three years ago and have found that the students and teachers love using the program. The teachers find that the ability to personalize the content for each student’s needs is helpful for them inside and the classroom and for kids to use at home.

While Socrates provides valuable insights, it is challenging for our teachers to be able to monitor, evaluate, and react to this information in real-time to help students when they need it. In addition, Socrates is often used by students at home, when no teacher is available to help them. If Socrates was able to automate remediation and provide notice to teachers about remediation that has occurred, we will be able to reinforce those skills in classroom time and we believe it would have significant value in improving educational outcomes This is especially true in the distance learning setting we are currently experiencing.

We welcome the chance to work with Socrates to design and participate in Phase I research. We recommend that Socrates receive the grant to create and pilot this new functionality and look forward to working with them to help our students, teachers, and parents.

Yours in education,

Traci Holloway

Principal, Dennis Ortwein Elementary School


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