U.S. Presidents Join Socrates

by | Oct 29, 2018 | Press Releases

U.S. Presidents Join Socrates

by Oct 29, 2018Press Releases

October 29, 2018, Las Vegas, Nevada – Education Revolution, LLC, the creator of the award-winning Socrates Learning Platform, today announced the release of its newest virtual collectible card pack series: the “President Cards”.  This new card pack series includes U.S. Presidents spanning 229 years starting with George Washington (1789-1797) through to the current 45th President, President Donald J. Trump. The series is designed to educate children about the United States political history and is the first of many upcoming card packs combining educational content with the fun of card collecting.

“We are excited to release this new Presidents’ Card series as additional educational and entertaining content for kids using Socrates,” stated Dr. Ralph Thomas, Education Revolution’s President & Chief Technology Officer. “The collectible element of these cards encourages kids to learn more so they can obtain more packs and complete their collections.”

“This card set is consistent with our core values of combining learning with fun content,” stated Brian G. Rosenberg, Education Revolution’s Chief Executive Officer. “Collecting the American Presidents while learning about their impact on our history will be informative and fun.  It will also encourage them to ask questions about these important historical figures.”

Each President Card contains information about the President including birthdate, location, and term served.  In addition, each card contains fun and interesting facts about each President. Cards are found in collectible card packs, which can be purchased using tickets earned by answering educational questions within Socrates. Cards are at different levels of rarity and children will have to learn more to complete their set.

In addition to the Presidents, the series also includes four Great Americans whom are pictured on U.S. currency but did not serve as President. They include: Andrew Hamilton (appears on the $10 bill, first Secretary of the Treasury, 1789-1795), Benjamin Franklin ($100 bill, best known as one of the Founding Fathers who drafted the Declaration of Independence and the Constitution of the United States), Sacagawea ($1 coin, Sacagawea was a Shoshone interpreter best known for being the only woman on the Lewis and Clark Expedition into the American West) and Susan B. Anthony ($1 coin, an American writer, lecturer and abolitionist who was a leading figure in the women’s voting rights movement).


About the Socrates Learning Platform for School Students

Socrates is a revolutionary learning platform that dynamically adjusts to the individual learning needs of each student across any educational content. Socrates is already deployed in elementary and middle schools. Socrates is directly available to students, teachers, schools, parents/guardians (including for homeschooling) and libraries. Socrates includes Teacher and School Command Center Modules that provide a powerful teacher assistant that lets teachers know when and where each student needs help. The Testing and Benchmarking Module allows teachers to automatically create, administer, grade and compare tests to quickly and with-ease evaluate student progress. The Parent Command Center Module connects the home and classroom. Socrates games and gamification keep the child wanting to play more – the more they play, the more they learn.  www.withsocrates.com 

About Education Revolution, LLC

Education Revolution, LLC is rapidly becoming a leader in online education with its award-winning Socrates Learning Platform. The Platform is already being used in elementary and middle schools and the range of educational content provided is steadily growing. Socrates includes a unique dynamic learning engine that adjusts the content to precisely match the learning needs of each student, resulting in students learning up to three times faster. The National Science Foundation awarded Socrates with a grant in recognition of its unique innovation and significant societal benefit. www.withsocrates.com

Education Revolution is based in Las Vegas, Nevada. To find out more about Socrates or Education Revolution, please contact:

D’Amber Thomas
Director, Media & Communications
E:   [email protected]
Ph:  702-290-4260


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