Socrates Showcased At Magnet Schools Of America Conference

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April 14 th , 2019, Las Vegas, Nevada – Education Revolution, LLC showcased the Socrates Learning Platform at the Magnet Schools of America National Conference in Baltimore, Maryland held from April 10-April 13, 2019. Over 1,200 attendees participated in the conference from magnet schools around the country. This year’s Conference was entitled “More Than You Can Imagine” and was focused on “Empowering Our Students, Our Schools and Our Communities”.

Magnet schools are built on the foundation of five pillars and are free public elementary and secondary schools of choice that are operated by school districts or a consortium of districts. Magnet schools have a focused theme and aligned curricula in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics (STEM), Fine and Performing Arts, International Baccalaureate, International Studies, MicroSociety, Career and Technical Education (CTE), World Languages (immersion and non-immersion) and other areas. There are 4,340 magnet schools in the United States educating 3.5 million students.

“The Socrates Learning Platform was created to help provide equal access to students regardless of their socio-economic background”, stated Brian G. Rosenberg, Chief Executive Officer of Education Revolution, LLC, “Magnet schools are naturally well-suited for our solution and are consistent with our vision as they provide high-quality education and are free and open to any student. Magnet schools are innovative and are vital to the communities they serve.”

“We are excited to have attended the Magnet Schools Conference”, stated Grace Funcion, Vice President of Curriculum Design for Education Revolution, LLC, “Magnet schools have proven to be amongst our customers gaining the highest value from Socrates due to their innovative approach and their ability to serve kids of all backgrounds and academic achievement levels.”

During the event, Education Revolution LLC revealed special discounted pricing for Magnet schools and shared a video success story for Socrates in a magnet school. Brian G. Rosenberg stated that Education Revolution would continue its support of magnet schools and stated, “We look forward to our continued partnership with Magnet Schools of America in the months and years to come.”

The Socrates Learning Platform is a cloud-based artificial intelligence solution that automatically
focuses each student on what they need to know, and with real-time updates, it keeps each student on the right learning track. Learning is also fun and drives effort through Socrates’ uniquely customized games and rewards. Socrates also empowers teachers by giving them the tools that they need, making their lives easier.

About Magnet Schools of America

MSA is a national nonprofit professional education association whose members are schools and school districts. The association represents and, is a resource to, magnet schools, parents, teachers, school boards, administrators, business leaders, community organizations and institutions of higher education. Their mission is providing leadership for high quality innovative programs that promote choice equity, diversity, and academic excellence for all students. For more information, visit their website at

About the Socrates Learning Platform for Schools

Socrates is a revolutionary learning platform that dynamically adjusts to the individual learning needs of each student across any educational content. Socrates is already deployed in elementary and middle schools. Socrates is directly available to students, teachers, schools, parents/guardians (including for homeschooling), libraries and museums. Socrates includes various “Command Centers”, including the Teacher Command Center that provides a powerful teacher assistant that lets teachers know when and where each student needs help. The Testing and Benchmarking Module allows teachers to automatically create, administer, grade and compare tests to quickly and with-ease evaluate student progress. The Parent & Tutor Command Center connects the home and classroom. Socrates games and gamification keep the child wanting to play more – the more they play, the more they learn.

About Education Revolution, LLC

Education Revolution is rapidly becoming a leader in online education with its multi-award-winning Socrates Learning Platform. The Platform is already being used in elementary and middle schools and the range of educational content provided is steadily growing. Socrates includes a unique dynamic learning engine that adjusts the content to precisely match the learning needs of each student, resulting in students learning up to three times faster. The National Science Foundation awarded Socrates with a grant in recognition of its unique innovation and significant societal benefit. Socrates was also awarded by Fast Company as a World Changing Idea in education in 2019.



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